8 Most Confusing Video Game Endings Nobody Understands

8. Dreamweb

Dreamweb Diary
Empire Interactive

If you're a fan of future dystopian films like Blade Runner, then you're sure to get a kick out of the underrated and quite bizarre game Dreamweb, which draws heavily on sci-fi neo-noire storytelling whilst managing to pull off a reasonably complex story to boot.

Though fully in the spirit of noir, the ending is something of a downer, as it sees protagonist Ryan shot down by the police because of the crimes he's committed throughout the game. Up until this point, we've been told we're fighting a conspiracy thanks to promotions we've been receiving through the mystical dreamweb, and come the close we've destabilised this rush for power.

However, the ending of the game takes on a totally different if you've read the physical diary that was bundled with each copy of the game. This 'Diary of a Man(?)Man', written from the perspective of Ryan, actually spells out pretty clearly that nearly all of the events of the game were completely fictional, a side effect of his psychosis. It turns a character that was a martyr fighting against a corrupt and oppressive evil into a mentally ill serial killer, and completely changes the tone of the game. It's a fantastic experience nonetheless but it's one that now, once you know, is tainted with a much darker theme.


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