8 Most Confusing Video Game Endings Nobody Understands

So much for a happy ending, right?

A Town With No Name Ending
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A game's ending is arguably one of the most important aspects of the experience. After all, it's the last thing that you'll leave the player with, and even if you've spent hours and hours crafting a wonderful and immersive story, if you don't stick the landing then then it'll all have been for nought.

Hell, some of us are STILL sore about the ending to games like Mass Effect 3 all these years later because they failed to live up to expectations.

As video games continue to walk down this path of grandiose storytelling and playtimes heading into the hundreds of hours, of course some of the messages are going to get lost in the mix. Even Death Stranding's Hideo Kojima has gone on record to say that even HE doesn't understand it. What chance the rest of us?

In anticipation of our brains melting next month, let's consider those endings that, while they certainly left a final impression, it was usually one of utter confusion. Whether they completely muddled the plot, absolutely butchered some of the character arcs or just didn't make any sense at all, we're going to look at some of the times where games left you scratching your head - and not always in a good way.


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