9 Perfect Video Game Sequel Ideas (That Were Rejected)

Will the cancellation of Silent Hills ever stop hurting?


Creating AAA games is a notoriously hostile, uncertain business, and sometimes even if a game is a smash, it still may not be enough to save a studio from going under.

That’s why the majority of major titles are based on recognisable names; there’s a reason franchises like Halo or Call Of Duty never go out of fashion. These sequels usually follow a strict formula and are content to deliver gamers exactly what they expect - albeit with a few tweaks.

Once in awhile, a studio will take a risk and colour outside the lines, which will either be met with acclaim and success – think of Resident Evil 4 – or the fans will revolt and the title will bomb. Over the years, many promising looking sequels have been announced, tantalising gamers with cool footage and demos... only to get scrapped before hitting store shelves.

There are numerous reasons this happens; maybe the gameplay isn’t working out so they start again, or they decide it’s too far removed from formula and go back to something safer. Let's take a look at some sequels that were loaded with potential, and examine the reasons they were tossed out.

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