9 Perfect Video Game Sequel Ideas (That Were Rejected)

9. Half-Life 2: Episode Four (Return To Ravenholm)


It feels like the announcement of Half-Life 3 will coincide with the apocalypse at this stage, as it’s been nearly a decade since the last episode. Anybody who played Half-Life 2 will no doubt remember Gordon’s trip to Ravenholm, where it suddenly switches to being a gripping survival horror.

This whole section is an intense, creepy ride that was a standout chapter, and if things had gone according to plan a new episode would have revisited the abandoned town. Valve allowed a little studio named Arkane to play in the Half-Life sandbox a little, and while they were impressed by the results they halted it due to creative concerns.

They felt most of the tropes of Ravenholm had been played out (the headcrab zombies, the traps etc) and that it wasn’t innovative enough. They probably had a point, but at this stage any new Half-Life would be a great thing, and exploring more of the eerie town sounds like a fun way to spend a few hours.

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