9 Video Game Sequels So Bad They Killed The Series

4. Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel


While Army Of Two never became the megahit EA would have liked, the first two games were solid co-op shooters with likeable €“- if somewhat douchey €“-protagonists in Rios and Salem. They changed up the formula a little bit for The Devil'€™s Cartel, where two new heroes came in for more bro-tastic gunfights; an astoundingly lame game follows.

The Devil'€™s Cartel can€™'t even be labelled a bad game, just an unimaginative one that does nothing new or interesting. The new heroes are utterly charmless and the game has the feel of being rushed, with dodgy textures or bugs that should have been ironed out before launch.

Fans of the series were also furious about Salem turning into a villain, feeling it betrayed his character from the original games. Reaction to the game was lukewarm, and there has been no sign of a new game being put in development in the three years since.


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