E3 2018: Every High-Profile Video Game Confirmed So Far

Forget the rumours, how about what's definitely going to be there?

E3 2018

As the juggernaut that is E3 continues to gather steam, we're seeing all manner of leaks, rumours, trailers and more being showcased ahead of time. On our channel in particular we've showcased detailed breakdowns of projects ranging from Devil May Cry 5 to Rocksteady's Superman, but they're all mired by the lack of an official confirmation.

For E3 as a media event - and the world's biggest gaming one at that - whipping up a PR storm is a tricky business. Too many games break early and we end up with a show where punters are just ticking boxes next to titles that were foregone conclusions. Not enough, and E3 fails to live up to its reputation.

The solution is always somewhere in the middle, and you can read our coverage on what's unofficially going to show up - alongside some bold predictions - but what about the event as it officially stands right now?

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 actually turning heads in a remarkably positive way considering how much is being shaken up, the gaming public are hungry to see what else is in store, and E3 is happy to provide.

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Gaming Editor

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