FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 5 Players You Simply Must Have

5. Jesus Navas

Screen Shot 2013 11 12 At 09 58 29 If you€™ve opted for a Premier League team, this guy is by far my favourite player to get. Whether you€™re looking to take bragging rights amongst friends and colleagues, or just wanting to spank some random teenagers (careful!), this man is simply unstoppable. Pace 91 and Dribbling 86 make him impossible to defend against, and his passing is a solid 79, with his crossing even better again. I usually play him on the right wing of a 433 with a good header of the ball in the middle, but he could be played in midfield too. Given the added leeway regarding chemistry, positions and formation on FUT this year, it makes it that bit easier to move around formations, and I€™ve found this particularly useful with wide players. Basically, what it means is this guy will fit in most formations you choose to use.
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