FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 5 Players You Simply Must Have

4. Shinji Kagawa

Screen Shot 2013 11 12 At 09 59 37 There€™s been uproar IRL surrounding this guy, with many feeling he€™s been given unfair treatment at Man Utd. Well it€™s good news for Kagawa, as he€™s first choice in my squad. In the formation I play, I like to have plenty of attacking options. Now, if you€™re something of an FUT virgin, I must warn you... FUT is a completely different entity to FIFA. The gameplay is faster, and sloppier, which suits my style of football to a tee. The Japanese maestro also fits in perfectly with the FUT style. He€™s small, he€™s tricky, great dribbling, decent shot and passing, but he€™s just an all-round nightmare to pick up, and unlike Navas€™ direct style, he suits the CAM position.
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