FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 5 Players You Simply Must Have

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Looking to kick start your Fifa Ultimate Team? Generally speaking the Barclay€™s Premier League is the place to go, as it possesses the widest variety of top players (Most of La Liga€™s best players are at Barcelona or Real Madrid, leaving little variation from one team to the next). There are other, cheaper options available, however, including Russian League and Ligue 1 teams that can be built for a lot less outlay of coins (thus making it easier for those not willing to spend twice as much as FIFA Points than you did on the game itself). I€™d recommend starting off buying players from your favourite club, or your favourite club to play as. The reason for this is that you€™re more likely to be used to their style of play. For example, I currently have every single Newcastle player in my FUT club. From there I got players to boost weaker areas (left winger and centre back on this occasion). You also know the hidden gems in that team that play beyond their core rating (e.g. Santon and Sissoko are both far superior to their base rating of 75). So, to help you out if you€™re just starting on FUT, or were considering it but weren€™t sure where to begin, here are some of what I believe are the best options for building a solid FUT team around. *Please note these selections are based on a Premier League squad.
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