FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018: Which Game Is Better?

8. Graphics (PES)

PES 2018

Take a look at screenshots from PES 2018 and you'll likely gasp. By contrast, FIFA 18 doesn't look quite as good when still, although things do improve when the game is in full motion. The acid test for graphics is succeeding at both however, and that means PES takes home the crown as winner of this year's beauty pageant.

There's a quite stunning level of detail in the character models in PES. Things do worsen when you drip down the leagues (the game still has those generic-looking mannequins at smaller clubs), but overall the game pops off the screen and feels more alive than FIFA. EA's game is a looker, albeit one with less sheen that its major rival. Players also look waxy.

For all the talk about in-stadium atmosphere, improved crowds and player scanning, FIFA 18 hasn't come through on those promises with the same panache as PES. Faces in Konami's title are less blurry, eyes less 'dead' and even kit material moves like it's real.

Winner: PES 2018.


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