Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy series has long been the poster child for games of the RPG genre. Ever since it achieved breakout success worldwide with the release of Final Fantasy VII, it has attracted a large fan base, many of whom claim it to be the greatest videogame series of all time, let alone the greatest RPG series. Whilst that is a debate for another time, with the broadening horizons of the PlayStation Vita, it is clear that a Final Fantasy release on the portable console needs to be something special, especially after the series has lost some of its most hardcore fans with the release of Final Fantasy XIII.

If I’m honest, I can’t imagine a world in which the first Final Fantasy release on the PS Vita won’t be a huge success, it is likely to sell a large amount of copies regardless of what aspects it includes, simply because of the quality of the series and the name that Square Enix has built for it. But, this is obviously not going to equate to the quality of the game, and for me there are a number of things that must be included in order for Final Fantasy to really be as big of a success on the Vita as it truly deserves to be. Read on to find out exactly what these things could be…

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This article was first posted on January 19, 2013