Grand Theft Auto 6: 8 Biggest Rumours You Need To Know About

Eva Mendes, a country-spanning map and more.


Nobody was surprised when a recent leak seemingly confirmed the existence of Grand Theft Auto 6, but minds were nevertheless blown.

As clear as day, GTA 6 was listed on motion capture actor and model Tim Neff's CV, alongside the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Reborn.

Although Neff has since insisted that the leaked resume was just a big fat hoax, the hype machine was kicked into overdrive regardless.

The sixth numbered instalment will have massive boots to fill when it arrives, with its predecessor claiming the title of fastest-selling game in history upon release and going on to move a whopping 60 million copies worldwide.

Although drip-fed GTA Online updates have kept players happy since its launch in 2013, word of an all-new entry in the criminally-good series has been met with the usual avalanche of fan hysteria, followed by fervent speculation.

Where will the next game be set? How can Rockstar possibly top the stellar GTA 5, and will the series ever bring us a credible female character?

These are but a few of the questions we need answers to, but the latest rumours and leaks may have already delivered them...

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