Monster Hunter: World - 12 Incredibly Helpful Secrets You Need To Know

Sick of being staggered by a monster's roar? Not for long.

Monster Hunter World

If you're amongst the millions of people currently helping Monster Hunter: World be one of the biggest runaway successes of the generation, chances are you're also still getting to grips with how overwhelmingly complex its systems can be.

From managing weapon sharpness to parsing out the difference between quests, events, investigations and expeditions, deciding whether to use melee, ranged or hybrid weapons, which armour your animal companion should use and more - there's a TON to get your head around.

Thankfully we've already got a couple of in-depth tips n' tricks pieces to help you out - but what of the game's many additional secrets that never come your way without some additional prodding?

For example, did you know you can block a monster's roar? How about kicking off the walls to pull off more stylish moves? There's even a secret string of Palico quests for your companion... providing you can find them.

Capcom have taken full advantage of bringing the franchise to new generation hardware, creating an experience that's certainly tactile and enjoyable up front, but only gets infinitely more rewarding the deeper you go...

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