Monster Hunter: World - 12 Incredibly Helpful Secrets You Need To Know

12. You Can "Block" A Monster's Roar

Monster Hunter World Boss

If there's one thing that can continually get in the way of any intense monster duel, it's having the game's "stagger" animation kick in because your quarry has roared.

It happens at the beginning of many duels, and whenever the beast wants to stun you for a second to escape. However, to get around it - and this is weapon-dependant - hold R2/RT if you know it's coming, and you can actually block it like a regular melee swipe.

As mentioned, this is weapon-dependant, as many setups will replace the shoulder button with an alternate stance or power mode. Look to the likes of the Sword & Shield, Long Sword or Iron Lance as classes that can stand their ground in the face of even the most earth-shaking bellows.

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