NBA 2K19: 9 Best Teams You Should Play First

8. Phoenix Suns

2K Sports

Though they propped up the west with an abysmal 21-61 record last season, the Phoenix Suns will walk into 2018-19 with one of the NBA's best young cores, making them a must-play for anyone looking for a MyGM project.

Devin Booker (21) is already highly rated at 87, and fast developing into one of the conference's most effective gunslingers. He's ably supported by number one draft pick DeAndre Ayton (20), with whom Booker should be able to form an awesome inside-out double-act for the foreseeable future, as both are laced with almost limitless potential. Then there's the talented Mikal Bridges (22), who joined Phoenix from Philly in a draft day trade, a pure scorer in TJ Warren (25), and Josh Jackson (21), whose 2017-18 season finished on a hot streak.

Most of these players are years away from peaking, but that's part of the fun. You'll get the joy and satisfaction of watching them grow under your watch (provided their contracts don't become a problem), and with able veteran support in Trevor Ariza and Tyson Chandler, those first few years shouldn't be as brutal as the Suns' real-world fortunes.


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