Nintendo Switch: 9 Hidden Console Features You Didn't Know About

8. Check Facebook With The Hidden Internet Browser

Nintendo Switch Facebook

This one's a bit strange, as although the Switch doesn't actually give you the option to browse the web, it still has a built-in web browser.

I know, it's just Nintendo being Nintendo. Bear with me.

For the most part, said browser is necessary for the system to connect to a variety of services and/or platforms, both released and upcoming. Like Facebook, for example.

So, if you head into your User Settings and then 'Posting to Social Media' and hit 'Link', the Switch will open its browser window and take you to Facebook's login URL. However, inside this window you can navigate to your main feed, post statuses, check notifications and even watch videos, as the Switch supports many types of playback.

Note that you can't navigate away from Facebook, but hopefully this means a full internet browser is coming.

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