Nintendo Switch: 9 Hidden Console Features You Didn't Know About

9. Pair A Joy-Con With Your Phone

For years we've been able to pair the likes of DualShock 4s or Xbox One pads to mobile phones, thanks to their Bluetooth capability, but say you're going on holiday or would otherwise like to take a controller with you, both options are far too big.

Check out the above video for a breakdown of how to connect in real time, but sufficed to say it's extremely easy. Just ensure your Joy-Con (left or right) is searching for connections (prod the tiny black 'dot' button on the side), hop into your phone's Bluetooth settings and you'll see it ready to be paired.

Tap to connect, and you're away.

Thankfully, many of the biggest mobile games and ports support controller functionality: GTA III and Vice City for example, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Soul Calibur, Sonic the Hedgehog - basically, this makes the idea of playing on a phone something you might actually take seriously.

Note: Thanks to this Bluetooth-contingent setup, you can also pair the Joy-Cons to a Mac or Windows PC, but not an iPhone (Apple get very close-minded when it comes to their phone's functionality). Connect both pads, and you've got a much more cost-effective way to play that Steam library of multiplayer games.

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