Persona 5: 5 Spin-Offs We Want

5. Persona 5 Red


Persona 4 did not feel incomplete in 2009, but Golden has now made it a barren wasteland because of everything it added: new personas; an epilogue and additional dungeon; new story events and quests; the Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz and other TV listings; plus, Marie as an added social link.

Thus, Persona 4: Golden was the bandwagon many people hopped onto. And, just like the dozens who enjoy an adaptation without reading the novel first, they made diehard fans throw-up with how they paraded their new-found love for the game and franchise all over social media.

Although Persona 5 makes you feel like an overworked waiter with too many red-faced customers to attend to, the game could be given the same treatment.

In particular, additional story events and holidays would be appreciated. The beach with the two hungry male cougars and Hawaii pale in comparison to the ski trip, Kanji’s wardrobe malfunction with his tighty-whities (although they were black), and the school camping excursion with that infamous curry.

Furthermore, whilst Marie was like an annoying sister going through a goth-phase, an added confidant and palace would be welcomed.

Story expansions could be sold through the PlayStation store as DLC, meanwhile Persona 5: Red – with a much better title – could be Atlus’ Game-of-the-Year edition.

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