Persona 5: 5 Spin-Offs We Want

Please Atlus, can we have some more?


Following Atlus' Catherine and its insanely unique, nightmarish ways back in 2011, we all wanted to go back to the good ‘ol days of high-school.

Locked inside our bedrooms with the lights dimmed, the curtains closed, and a stash of snacks waiting to be devoured, Persona 5 allowed us to live out our fantasies of being someone with actual style, skills, and the charm to be able to get a girlfriend(s). Oh, and something about being able to steal hearts and summon outlandish demons.

Therefore, saying farewell to Persona 5’s Tokyo and its Merry Men was naturally heart-breaking.

Still, like Coca-Cola after a big ‘ol burp, the game has an even better aftertaste with its new game plus. A mode which enables players to relive the 100 plus hour campaign again, but without any of the pesky self-development.

But, because we’re all greedy whiners who crave more, we want Atlus to continue slaving away in the kitchen to cook us up some more Persona.

Like Atlus fattened us up with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona 4: Dancing All Night, we fancy a tray of side dishes for our Persona 5 entrée.

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