Recently, my fellow WhatCulturer Shaun Munro posted his thoughts on Resident Evil 6’s brand new XBL/PSN demo, and the general fate of the franchise. He posed what many out there are thinking: that Resident Evil 6 Will Suck. I played the demo myself, and true enough, it was more than a little underwhelming. But is that reason to write Resi 6 off entirely?

The fate of the Resident Evil franchise has been a hugely contested topic; some believe it was at its best back in the day, when Survival Horror was a brand new breed, and Capcom had all but cornered the market. Others argue that the current third-person format is the way forward, that Capcom were wise to change with the times.

As a long term Resi fan, I find myself in a rare position: I’m completely ambivalent. That doesn’t mean on the fence, oh no, in fact it means I’m torn. I’m torn between how it was and how it is; I’ve got happy memories of both and as a result, I can’t help but still be on board.

I’m not stubborn though, and I will be passing my judgement, whether that be positive or negative, but only when the full game is released. I’ve had immense fun with the Resident Evil 6 franchise over its long and fruitful existence, and I for one will be giving numero six the chance I feel that it deserves.

So, if you’re inclined to agree (hell, even if you’re not), why not check out my ten reasons we should all just hang fire and give Resident Evil 6 the benefit of the doubt.

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This article was first posted on September 21, 2012