WWE 2K18 Universe Mode: 6 Things You Need To Know

Can 2K deliver the innovation this sparse game mode sorely needs?

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We're just two weeks away from WWE 2K18's big 17 October release date, and the hype cycle is finally coming to an end.

The full roster has been unveiled, the DLC packs are announced, and the early reviews are already trickling through. By all accounts, it looks like 2K Games have delivered another highly polished affair that doesn't represent a great leap forward, but delivers the usually array of minor tweaks and changes, taking the franchise's core gameplay format to the next level.

2K and WWE released full details on what players can expect from this year's MyCAREER last month, and have now delivered a comprehensive rundown of 2K18's Universe Mode, highlighting several new additions.

First implemented in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, Universe allows gamers to don their fantasy booker's hat, granting them control over rivalries, storylines, and individual match cards. It sounds great in theory, but a chronic lack of depth and meaningful customisation options usually makes it an unfulfilling experience, with little innovation from version to version.

To their credit, 2K seem to recognise this, and their new features should go some way to addressing the problem. Here's everything you need to know.

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