10 Most Anticipated Albums Still To Come In 2017

9. Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers

With a title like Wonderful Wonderful, the new record from The Killers better be pretty, well, wonderful. If you take away a greatest hits compilation and a special Christmas themed album, this is the first LP from the group in five years. It's the type of gap you can leave when you have such a huge, unwavering, fan base but with great power comes responsibility. There's a duty not just to please but to keep things fresh and not rehash the same old Indie anthems of the mid-2000's.

The groove and Saturday Night Fever vibe to first single The Man gives the impression that Brandon Flowers and his bandmates have spent the time in between albums searching for something different. It's the type of song that could bring people who have previously shunned The Killers, towards them, an astonishing feet for a band of their vintage.

Jacknife Lee is producing the album, a man so varied he's worked with artists as far apart as R.E.M and Robbie Williams and as distant as Weezer and One Direction. It's a producer who can make a great rock album but make an equally fantastic pop record. Which makes him perfect for a band like The Killers, who have always straddled the tightrope between Rock and Pop so well.

It may not be a record that will have the Indie disco feeling of anthems such as Mr Brightside but from what we've heard so far, it sounds like a cool, hidden, cocktail bar, perfectly chiming with the ageing nature of both fans and band alike.

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