20 Most Underrated Nu-Metal Anthems

1. American Head Charge – Loyalty

Timing can be a cruel factor to contend with in the music business. Miss the boat at the right time, and it be a dead-end. With regards to the scintillating four-piece American Head Charge, they released one of the best nu-metal albums ever in the form The Feeding, but it came out in 2005 – long after the nu-metal craze had subsided. Luckily for them though, it was such a good record that it couldn’t be ignored.

The album did well in terms of sales and it did receive critical praise, but lead single and overall belter ‘Loyalty’ rarely gets discussed alongside a ‘Wait and Bleed’ or a ‘Break Stuff.’ Well, that should change because the song is a flat out stunner. It’s just one huge explosion that refuses to let up, employing a menacing guitar line, a thunderous drum beat, and the guttural outpourings of lead singer Cameron Heacock. If you don’t bang your head to this one, you might want to check your pulse.

American Head Charge are one of the very few bands that even nu-metal’s biggest detractors can appreciate. And after blasting out ‘Loyalty,’ it’s not hard to see why. This vicious bulldozer of a song has to be the most underrated nu-metal anthem in existence.

What do you think the most underrated nu-metal song is? Let us know in the comments!

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