12 Things You Discover When You Go Bald

12.You're Expected To Be Quirky

For some reason, bald men are given the role of the quirky, fun guy of the group in most social circles. There is apparently the perception that "hey, that guy lost his hair and he's not ashamed of it, he must have an hilarious sense of humour." Of course, this is a baseless urban legend, but at the same time, you can guarantee that a good deal of the shiny-headed population enjoy living up to the role. Apparently I'm not good at jokes, so you may find me equipped with a go-to gag book in case of bald comedy intervals.

11. If Not, You're A Tough Guy

But on the other side of this perception is the almost universally accepted fact that bald guys look scarier than those with bags of fluffy, welcoming locks. Obviously this has been perpetuated through movies and TV (and by Jason Statham,) which is why pretty much every unsavoury character in Breaking Bad is bald. It's almost as if the world quakes in fear of the bald-headed; if he's brave enough to show off his scalp, what else is he not scared of doing?

10. You Become A Good Luck Charm

The source of such spurious conjecture is unclear, but apparently it happens all over the world. If you're not rubbing a bald guy's head, you're kissing it - just see former France footballer Laurent Blanc's regular pre-match tradition of kissing bald keeper Fabian Barthez' pate every game. Surely, if it was that lucky, we bald folk would have amassed vast fortunes, sitting on a pile of gold and enjoying success in everything we attempt. Sadly, this is not the case.
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