17 Disturbing Photos With Horrifying Backstories

1. Regina Walters


This picture is of 14-year old Regina Walters, a teen girl on a family vacation with her parents to visit the countryside. Along the way, the parents spot some old decrepit farmhouses in a pasture along the roadside and think it would be fun to snap a few quick pictures. Regina, like most young girls her age, doesn'€™t want her photo taken unless she looks her best, and gets irritated with her mom for taking her picture against her wishes.

The result is an awkward photo of someone clearly not wanting to pose for a pic, but it€™s harmless. We€™'ve all taken shots like these. Now disregard everything you just read, because that€™s not what happened at all. The actual context behind this photo is terrifying, the stuff that nightmares are borne from.

The girl is in fact Regina Walters, but the person behind the camera is not a family member at all. It€™s serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, taking a photo of one of his victims just moments before she drew her final breath. Rhoades drove around the country in an 18-wheeler he had outfitted as a torture chamber, abducting and murdering young people, allegedly as many as three per month. The monster was also said to have carried a briefcase with implements of torture that he used on his victims.

Walters was one of the unfortunate who was snared by the killer€™s trap. A farmer discovered her body in a barn loft during one final inspection before burning it down. Analysis of the crime scene where they discovered her body was proven to be the same location where the photo was taken. What you€™re seeing in this image is literally the final seconds of a terrified woman€™'s life before a deranged madman stole her from this world for no other reason than his own sick pleasure.

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