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Jurassic World Themed Rollercoaster Coming To Universal Orlando?

Hold on to your butts.
By Jen Gallie
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Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Robin Williams? quiz

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it!!!!”
By Kurt Howes
+ Film

Aquaman Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jason Momoa? quiz

"I push myself; I get my job done, and at the end of the day, there's a Guinness waiting for me."…
By Kurt Howes
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How Well Do You REALLY Know Kaley Cuoco? quiz

Isn't this when he says "bazooka" or something?
By Kurt Howes

8 Mythical Creatures Recently Spotted In Real Life

Mermaids, pixies, dragons? The evidence is there if you look hard enough.
By Adam Clery

Best Selling Christmas Number Ones

The Xmas Factor.
By James Klonowski
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12 Biggest Brand Blunders In History

Sorry, was that "toilet" or "tonic" water you wanted to buy?
By Chris Waugh
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20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pepsi

Thirsty? Have no fears, Pepsiman is on his way armed with fizzy drinks...
By Chris Waugh
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12 Photos That Prove Universal’s Holiday Parade Featuring Macy’s Is Perfect gallery

Holiday like this.
By Jen Gallie
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8 Basic Functions That Humans Totally Fail At

You'd think after 200,000 years we'd be able to give birth or poop properly, but no.
By Stevie Shephard

How Much Do You Know About Christmas Worldwide? User quiz

From Christmas Trees to Santa’s origins, how much do you know about the most festive time of year?…
By Shannon Enstad
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How Well Do You Know Newcastle-Upon-Tyne's History? User quiz

How well do you know Newcastle's vast, rich and sometimes very odd history?
By Angela Tait
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Quiz: Can You Name The Roman Gods? quiz

The Gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life.
By Kurt Howes

WhatCulture Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 102 Presents You Should Buy

Ho ho ho-ly sh*t that's a lot of essentials...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Ways You've Been Accidentally Insulting People Every Day

Thumbs up - or up yours?
By Vanessa Moses
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10 Stephen King Fan Theories That Make Appalling Sense

Come with us, constant reader, down the Stephen King fan theory rabbit hole.
By Helen Jones
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The IMPOSSIBLE Dungeons & Dragons Quiz User quiz

Show your knowledge of some history questions and fun facts.
By Anton Podolnyy

Stephen King Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Horror Writer's Back Catalogue? quiz

Do you know your Macroverse from your Todash Space?
By Ashleigh Millman
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5 Reasons To Fly To Orlando With Norwegian

A luxurious budget airline.
By Jen Gallie
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20 Things You Didn't Know About Google

We're feeling lucky that you've found the right article.
By Tom Baker

10 Creepiest Government Secrets

Trust no one. Especially not the government. Any government!
By Jay Anderson
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5 Reasons Every Harry Potter Fan Must Visit Universal Orlando At Christmas

Accio Christmas.
By Jen Gallie
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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving? User quiz

From turkey to cranberry sauce, how much do you know about this American tradition?
By Shannon Enstad

10 Reasons To Visit Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Before You're Dead)

No Better Place To Feel Alive Than Dancing With The Dead.
By Christopher Warner
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Quiz: Can You Name The Greek Gods? quiz

You had better pray for their favor!
By Kurt Howes

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Dracula? User quiz

From wooden stakes to deals with the devil, how much do you know about the famous vampire?
By Shannon Enstad

10 Lesser Known Stephen King Villains

From It to The Dark Tower - obscure nightmare fuel from the king of horror...
By Mark Dean
+ History

How Much Do You Know About America's Worst Serial Killers? User quiz

From kill counts to secret codes, test your knowledge on the most notorious killers in the U.S.
By Shannon Enstad

13 Things Only Tattoo Artists Will Understand

"Can I get a refund?"
By Greg Hicks

10 Shocking Things You Can See On Google Maps 1M+ Views

Stop looking at your own house and find these.
By WhatCulture