15 Worst Ever Premier League Signings

14. Mario Balotelli

From: Inter Milan To: Manchester City Fee: £22.5 million (Source: The Guardian) Perhaps a controversial entry to the list, however I think that's appropriate given the controversial nature of the player. The young Italian cost Manchester City £22.5 million back in 2010, and ever since his arrival, he has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite his unmistakeable potential, Balotelli has been the master of his own downfall and numerous disciplinary issues, for example the alleged stamping of Scott Parker last season, have destroyed his reputation. His record of 20 goals in 53 appearances in all competitions you could argue isn't too shabby, but that talent comes hand in hand with heavy baggage. His relationship with manager Roberto Mancini has been strenous to the say the least and it appears as though their understanding has hit rock bottom after the latest in a long line of training ground bust ups. Mancini has desperately been striving to offload the wayward youngster ever since last Summer, though it seems like no club wants the burden of having to handle his controversial personality. (Who can blame them?) In his City career thus far, it seems like the only worthwhile thing he's contributed at the Etihad, is hosting elaborate fireworks displays in his back garden.

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