Liverpool: 5 Reasons Luis Suárez Is The Undisputed Player Of The Year

This year’s PFA Player of the Year Award is one of the closest fought for many years, and with the…

Zak Forster


Luis Suarez

This year’s PFA Player of the Year Award is one of the closest fought for many years, and with the season approaching its finale there are still three candidates who could genuinely win the prestigious gong. These world class talents have lit up the Premier League in the last eight months, each with their own playing style and mannerisms.

Firstly you have the deadly Robin van Persie: having been the leading goalscorer in the Premier League last season, RVP has continued his scintillating form in the 2012/13 season and is once again right in the thick of it when it comes to the leading goalscorer competition.

Then the second candidate comes in the form of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale. Up until Christmas time, Bale had experienced a rather standard season – scoring just 6 goals. However, since the New Year, Bale has become one of the world’s most in form players – seemingly scoring a screamer almost every week and becoming the media darling of the season.

And finally,the third candidate is the talisman of Liverpool Football Club and the player on whom this article is based, Luis Suárez. The current leading goalscorer has laid a great claim to be named the PFA Player of the Year for the 2013/2014 season and in this article we will identify the reasons which, we believe, entitle Luis to be optimistic about his chances.


5. The League’s Best Goalscorer

Luis Suarez

The PFA Player of the Year Award is often won by the top goalscorer of the Premier League. In fact, the winner of the last award was Robin van Persie and that was pretty much completely down to his amazing goalscoring form – netting a very impressive 30 goals in 38 appearances. Suárez currently sits on 22 league goals and looks like he could break the 30 goal barrier before the season ends. If El Pistolero does break the 30 goal barrier it will be almost impossible for him to be ignored for the award – and if he is ignored it will be almost embarrassing.

So far this season, Suárez has scored two hat tricks in great style and was the first player to break the 10 goal and 20 marks – receiving the customary awards for both those achievements. One of the things that makes Luis so deserving of the award is the sheer spectrum of his goals – free kicks, mazy runs and finishes, headers, left foot, right foot, out side of the foot, curlers and chips. You name a type of goal and Suárez has scored it. These differing types of goals make Suárez one of the most entertaining players in the Premier League – and that’s what football is supposed to be about, right?