Liverpool: 6 Reasons Rodgers' Season Is Failing

6. Over-Dependence On Suarez

Suarez Since joining Liverpool in January 2011, Luis Suarez has cemented his position as the club's most important asset. Controversies aside, he is an incredibly talented striker who is arguably the most dangerous player in the Premiership with the ball at his feet. Liverpool have pinned pretty much all their hopes for this season on him, praying he would avoid injury and keep them chugging along. Relying on a player that possesses such lofty talents as Luis Suarez isn't exactly an awful idea, but you have to wonder where Liverpool would be in the table but for his fantastic goal return. 'No support for Suarez' was the soundbite of the first half of the season at Anfield, with Andy Carroll going out on loan to West Ham and nobody coming in to replace him. Things have looked up since January with the arrival of Daniel Sturridge, but no matter what happens between now and May, surely Rodgers will be looking back at the 4 months of the season when Suarez seemed to be the club's only goal threat. With their sketchy record in the transfer market in recent times, the speculation surrounding the future of Suarez and goalkeeper Pepe Reina is a real worry for Liverpool. They simply could not afford to allow these players to leave and be replaced by flops, especially Suarez. The key to Liverpool's 'transition' is the Uruguayan front man; his departure would be a real blow for a club that relies on him so heavily.

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