Liverpool Transfers: 10 Ridiculous Rumours That Never Came Off

Liverpool seem to be one of them clubs which attract a lot of ridiculous transfer rumours. The size of the…

Alex Peace



Liverpool seem to be one of them clubs which attract a lot of ridiculous transfer rumours. The size of the club means there is invariably a lot of media excitement and the press tend to get carried away when linking Liverpool to players, often ignoring the truth in favour of some good old fashioned sensationalism.

The history of the club means that often these deals aren’t seen as that stupid but especially in recent years the club have dropped in stature a little bit so some of the proposed moves seem a bit daft. With the summer just around the corner a new long list of rumours are sure to be on the way, but to get you in the mood here are just ten of the most ridiculous Liverpool rumours:

10. Ronaldinho


Source: Daily Mail

Every single year seems to bring rumours of a move for the once fantastic Brazilian. Not too long in ago, he apparently almost ended up at Blackburn! However over his many years of falling out and moving club, he has been linked with Liverpool on several occasions.

The most concrete of these probably came in 2010 when he was at AC Milan. With the January transfer window rapidly approaching Ronaldinho looked set to leave the club and with Liverpool having money to splash that seemed a possible destination. In the end nothing came of it and he trotted off back to Brazil with Flamengo where he engaged in all kind of mishaps, from having the club asking fans if they saw him on nights out to tell the club so they could get him home and some less than sensible behaviour involving a webcam.

That window Liverpool ended up signing Carroll and Suarez and looking back a deal for Ronaldinho would never really have made sense. Ronaldinho would have demanded mega wages, that especially now the club wouldn’t have been able to afford. Also Liverpool were looking to buy young players to build for the clubs long term future. The Brazilian’s interest in football also seemed to be waning and I don’t think Liverpool would have got much out of him. It would have been a whole lot of fun to have him in the Premiership but it was never going to happen, let’s just leave him to enjoy his semi-retirement in Brazil.