10 Embarrassingly Shoddy Doctor Who Monsters

9. The Slitheen in 'World War III'

The Slitheen are by far one of the shoddiest monsters in not just modern Doctor Who. They were written as a race of 8 foot fart gags so things aren't off to a flying start and any credibility they might have had by realizing them as traditional rubber suits with baby faces. Unfortunately a little more action was required than the poor actors inside could achieve. So for this, when the Slitheen had to run, CGI Slitheen were added, which look considerably different. However some scenes of them running or rather shuffling in costume remained, which had the unfortunate effect of making the animatronics filled heads bob up and down on their long necks. That battering probably accounts for why in one scene of the Slitheen talking, one of their mouths doesn't move. Somewhere out there, there is a Slitheen ventriloquism school. Also, they can€™t seem to use their fingers. Goodness knows how they redressed and zipped up their skin suits. In the scene in World War Three, there is a crowd of them gathered around a telephone waiting for it to ring. If it had, they€™d have face a considerable problem picking it up. Thank goodness for speakerphone.
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