10 Embarrassingly Shoddy Doctor Who Monsters

Mock if you will, the effects of Doctor Who. They range from the jaw dropping to the sadly embarrassing and I have compiled a best of the worst list you might say. I've put together a top or bottom 10, depending on how you prefer to look at it, of monsters that are remembered for the wrong reasons. You may notice a bias towards the classic series but consider the following, these creations were never intentionally bad. Admittedly on occasion the financial and practical shortcomings are visible but they were always made with conviction. So even though scrolling through the list you might not be able to help smirking, see them in context and it might take your mind off it. So get it out of your system now. Are you ready? Ok, let€™s go€ and don€™t laugh!

10. The Cybermen in 'The Tenth Planet'

If you€™ve never seen the original incarnation of the Cybermen before then this might come as a shock to you. The original Cybermen are not the sleek, stylish figures you might be familiar with. Instead we have a man wearing silver wellingtons, a fetching striped jumpsuit wrapped in Clingfilm, a stocking over his head with a car headlight on top and an accordion strapped to his chest. They even have human hands and in one scene when the Cybermen are attacked, one of the Cybermen€™s head handles pop off. Now the Cybermen were only intended to be one offs, when they proved to be a rather successful menace, they put a bit more money and thought into them to be used in future. One positive you can consider is that these Cybermen were prototypes. The Cybermen are humans who have had various limbs and organs replaced until there isn€™t all that much left. That journey is clear in the mismatched approach to their costumes. They genuinely look emaciated and their pieces all bolted on. Their hands seem to have worn well though, they€™re originals. At least their first appearance left room for development, or rather improvement.
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