10 Reasons Maniac Is The Best Netflix Original Series Since Stranger Things

9. Excellent Production Design


Due to the constantly shifting realities and locations explored throughout the season, Maniac is very dependent on the work of its design team to make each dream world feel authentic. Thankfully, armed with a worthy production budget, they do a phenomenal job here.

While the designs of the science labs and the future-esque New York City are well-done, it's the many different dream scenarios that illustrate the great work done by the show's design team. They're authentic, stunning, and impressively unique from one another. No reality ever feels too similar to the other. That's without even mentioning the impressive costuming and mix of practical and digital effects that combine quite effectively.

After all, they're able to pull off fantasy, Cold War-inspired espionage, and retro-inspired future tech without fault. It only adds to the excitement leading up to every group dream as the destination is never predictable and never fails to hold your interest.


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