10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

1. Glee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oFax-lr3pc Victim: All Songs Ever Touched by Glee What do Kayne West, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston have in common? No, not just bad life choices. The work of all these musical artists featured have been made worse by the melodramatic influence of that whiney teenage musical drama, Glee. Fox's musical high school charade is the granddaddy of all things song-ruining. Each week a series of songs reaches the chopping block of failed tests and surprise drug addiction confessions. Teenagers wander the halls of their places of education using pop songs to explain the tragedy of their unrequited love or inability to fit in with the more popular students. Nothing ruins a good song like a teenage love montage or After School Special moment of crisis. What's worse is when that happens multiple times in the same episode, followed by a classic song becoming a teenage power anthem. Who in their right mind decided that the show had the right to use Rocky Horror Picture Show? The voices of the actors are shrill, painful to listen to, and cheerfully decorated with more glitter than West Hollywood. It was the declaration that Glee was being cancelled that set free so many souls of well-known songs that angels wept with pure joy. Which other songs do you guys associate with the TV scenes that have ended up ruining their appeal? Let us know in the comments!
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Victoria Irwin is the Senior Correspondent and Resident Whovian for Fanboynation.com. She also contributes heavily to GamingIllustrated.com and enjoys video games, comics and more Doctor Who than is healthy.