10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

For that awful association we all have between the end of The Sopranos and THAT Journey song... *shudder*

TV's Music Editors - much like a teenage boy making a desperate mix tape - often spend hours scouring music catalogs to find that perfect song to pull together a scene on a television show. Whether it's a series finale or that famous bassline from Seinfeld, the audience has been programmed to listen to the background noise and music can be the added touch that makes or destroys a sequence on a television show. Like a song on the radio during your first kiss, music has the ability to carry through emotions and images, even several years into our futures. Dinner can be entirely ruined when the person at the table next to you has a teenage daughter that can't stop singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Music sets the mood and fleshes out emotions for an otherwise flat image. Scouring some of the more recent television programs, there is a resurgence of classic songs being used in modern situations. For example, few people can separate Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas from Supernatural. But what happens when the show ruins the song? What happens when the scene becomes so iconic that the song can never be separated from those small screen memories? Here are 10 Songs Forever Ruined by the TV Show that chose to use them.

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