10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

10. The Sopranos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnT7nYbCSvM Victim: Journey's Don't Stop Believing If you've ever spent time in a karaoke bar, you know that at some point there will be a horribly sung rendition of Journey's Don't Stop Believing. If the song wasn't ruined for you enough already by drunken dive-bar divas, HBO's The Sopranos made sure to shoot that final bullet into the brain of an already overplayed track. Despite several seasons of Tony Soprano avoiding the FBI and running a violently criminal operation, viewers grew to greatly enjoy watching his misdeeds and finding out what the mobster was up to. When Tony Soprano and his family go out for a casual dinner and an assassin is just sitting awkwardly a few feet away in the series finale, the viewer waits desperately hoping to find out if Tony will be shot or if he and his family will simply have a nice meal and end the series with a positive note. The scene covers truly tedious conversations, including the merits of onion ring cravings and what the teenage daughter is doing visiting her doctor. Not only is the agonising scene nearly five minutes long, it suddenly stops when Steve Perry's lyrics "don't stop" are sung, leaving us with an annoying Journey song stuck in the brain, a black television screen, and no solid answers as to what happened to the Soprano family after all.

Victoria Irwin is the Senior Correspondent and Resident Whovian for Fanboynation.com. She also contributes heavily to GamingIllustrated.com and enjoys video games, comics and more Doctor Who than is healthy.