10 TV Shows That Killed Off The Wrong Character

The Walking Dead has a lot to answer for.


It happens time and time again with big TV shows: they pull audiences in with the story, introduce them to characters they fall in love with, and then cruelly snatch them away. That€'s the nature of drama though; as painful as it might be to watch a great character die, it's often what's best for the show.

Sometimes they get it all wrong; they'll kill off a character not out of necessity, but for the cheap shock value of it. Stunts like this always come across as hollow, and tend to make people angry instead of sad. What makes them even angrier is if that character dies horribly while another, considerably less useful one survives.

At its worst this can feel like a trolling the audience, who€'ve invested in the show only for it to toy with their emotions. Some executives should be feeling guilty over these particular executions...

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