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In 50 years of Police Box travel the number of amazing moments are incalculable but I have taken the challenge of finding the 100 Greatest Doctor Who Moments throughout the epic saga’s history.

Although it may not be possible to watch every single story back to back and still fit in 8 hours of sleep and 3 square meals a day and even then I wouldn’t be able to please everyone. You might not agree with my ordering but I’m sure it would be hard to disagree that the moments featured are great.

Be warned, reading this article you may be inclined to watch episodes on impulse.

100. Turn Left – Bad Wolf

‘Turn Left’ is a consistently great story and unique in its own right. But the moment that truly takes your breath away and make you want to punch the air is the cliff-hanger. What better way to seal the deal about Rose Tyler’s return and make you excited for the immediate drama, than the two words, ‘Bad Wolf’ linking back to 2005. An inspired moment, even the words on the TARDIS get the Bad Wolf treatment just to drive home how nothing is safe.  If Rose was to give the Doctor a warning in two words, it couldn’t have been anything else.

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This article was first posted on February 9, 2013