100 Greatest Doctor Who Moments Ever

99. Day of the Daleks - UNIT vs The Daleks

d3-3k-c602 If this had never happened, you€™d have begged the question why not. But it very nearly didn€™t. The Daleks who hadn€™t appeared for several years and were hastily written into what became 'Day of the Daleks'. Taking place during the Doctor€™s exile with UNIT, it was something of a dream for them to face the Daleks, and even for most of the story they were kept apart by about 200 years. At the climax however, Daleks flood from a railway tunnel, and fight their way through platoon€™s of UNIT soldiers, gunfire and grenades and advance on a country house to stop a conference. Much more exciting than most protests on the news and not easy to do with only 3 Dalek props.

98. The Snowmen - The New TARDIS

d11-11v-181 I have to admit I didn€™t notice this when I first watched the episode but when it was pointed out, the penny dropped. Only this Christmas just gone have we finally had a shot crossing the threshold of the TARDIS into its interior. Not only that but it€™s our introduction to the newly designed TARDIS set, and it is stunning and there you have the Doctor, smirking and proud, while bits of the room whirr and rotate, like being inside a wristwatch. To top off the moment, new companion Clara spoils the Doctor€™s moment, €˜It€™s smaller on the outside.€™. An excellent scene for Matt Smith as the Doctor, which he owns up until Jenna - Louise Coleman steals it from him. A great pairing. This scene kicks of a new era with style.

97. The TV Movie - The Ending

d8-544 I€™m not being smart with this because the TV movie is bad, because I could explain that until I€™m blue in the face. But the ending, is truly one of the best parts about the entire 90 minutes. After a dubious plot where the Eighth Doctor spends recovering or chained up or saying he€™s half human, the ending is where his character truly shines. Saying his goodbyes we get to see the man open up in one of the best-directed scenes of the movie. The kiss is questionable. But it€™s the Doctor just being happy and sad at the same time as he says his goodbyes, which makes the Eighth Doctor so endearing and paved the way for the series years later. After leaving San Francisco we see the Doctor tinkering with the TARDIS before settling down to have a cup of tea and read a book. It is a simple yet lovely scene for the Doctor that given the shortness of his time, should be cherished.

96. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - The Doctor Riding a Triceratops

d11-11r-004 It€™s the Doctor riding a Triceratops. There is little more I have to say on the matter. Because who else would look at a Dinosaur and see it as a getaway vehicle. It shows that no matter how bad things get, the Doctor is a character who can make it fun. The Doctor in many ways is a symbol of hope, but here the character proves that no matter how bad things get, you can find laughter if you live in the moment. But in the end it€™s the Doctor riding a Dinosaur!

95. The Unquiet Dead €“ The Opening Scene

d9-8c-c008 In 2005 Doctor Who was very much in the critical eye and it was 'The Unquiet Dead' that did great things. Firstly it made historical stories cool and secondly it showed that Doctor Who still had the scare factor, a dead woman comes back to life and strangles her mourning son, only for the undertaker Mr Sneed to shake his head and go €˜not again€™ as he tries to wrestle the woman back into her coffin and fails. She then starts roaming the streets and comes screaming toward camera and this was all packed in before the opening sequence. Doctor Who was back and had conquered a great hurdle with ease, grace and with a chill up the spine.
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