11 Times The Walking Dead Said F**k You To The Fans

11. The First Half Of Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2 Farm

Season 2 receives a lot of criticism, not all of which is warranted. There are some good episodes and moments in there, along with characterisation that would prove important later on.

However, at times - and especially in the first half, as everyone just sits around at the farm - it is a complete slog. The switch from Frank Darabont to Glen Mazzara wasn't a smooth transition, given it happened when production had already begun, and it led to some extremely slow storytelling that lacked purpose and felt like a different show to the superb first season.

That in itself is bad enough, but it was then revealed that Darabont left due to budget constraints, with AMC wanting double the episodes on roughly the same budget as Season 1, despite the show's considerable success. It was a major hindrance to the series, which is evident in the finished product, and a sign of AMC thinking of the coffers rather than the burgeoning fanbase (although that continued to grow anyway).


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