11 Times The Walking Dead Said F**k You To The Fans

Sometimes the show treats its viewers like walkers.

The Walking Dead Andrea Death

Throughout its eight years on screen, The Walking Dead has developed a strange relationship with its fans.

The series has enjoyed one of the most rabid and passionate fanbases of anything on TV this decade, albeit one that's in sharp decline after Seasons 7 and 8 (where the viewership has dropped to its lowest point in years). Walking Dead fans will forgive a lot, but the show has really tested those loyalties over the past few years.

From fakeout moments to an overreliance on shock value and killing off popular characters rather than an emphasis on good storytelling, the show has often tried to treat its audience as if it's a herd of walkers who'll follow it anyway. The viewing figures would suggest they're no longer getting away with it as much as they used to, with fans finally fed up of either being tricked or subjected to boring storylines that go nowhere, but it's not a new practice of the show.

From almost the very beginning, despite how great the show was at its peak, they've been getting things wrong, making terrible decisions, and displaying a general disregard for its audience, sticking both middle fingers up at the fans on more than one occasion.


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