7 Doctor Who Spin-Offs That Could Replace Class

More Torchwood, anyone?

Big Finish

This month brought the inevitable news that Doctor Who spin-off Class has been cancelled after just a single eight-episode season. First dropped on BBC IPlayer last October, the teen-oriented sci-fi show somehow never managed to earn a lot of viewers or even form much of a cult fanbase. Despite its connections to a globally-beloved franchise, Class ended up flunking big time.

Let's hope this doesn't put the BBC off attempting any more Doctor Who spin-offs in future, though. As was proven with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures a few years ago, shows set within the Whoniverse that focus on a familiar character can achieve great success. Class' downfall was probably that it featured an entirely fresh cast, so there was no real reason for Who viewers to follow the show.

To save face about Class' failure, the BBC could make a different Doctor Who spin-off each year. Perhaps with the same eight-episode format and dropped on IPlayer. With the right ideas, this could really help to expand the Doctor Who universe, as we would get a different part of it highlighted each time. Thankfully, there are many characters who are ripe for being promoted into their own spin-off.


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