8 Doctor Who Parodies You Didn’t Know Existed

It's all in good fun.

As the longest running science fiction programme in the world, Doctor Who has left a large cultural legacy behind it and like anything that has been noted as significant in time (and relative dimensions in space, of course!), the iconic themes and characters of our favourite time travelling mad man with a box have been extended into a range of other medias. There is a whole Genesis Ark worth of references in other television programmes, some of which are featured here. The first Doctor Who spoof, however, was on the sketch show It€™s a Square World in 1963. Clive Dunn €“ better known for playing Lance-Corporal Jack Jones in Dad€™s Army €“ played a scientist called Doctor Fotheringown who, dressed in William Hartnell€™s costume and wig, demonstrated a new rocket that ended up sending BBC Television Centre into space. While the recent parody that's probably most well known is Inspector Spacetime, a time travelling alien in a red telephone box who wears a trench coat, bowler hat and possesses a device known as a Quantum Spanner - from NBC€™s Community, Doctor Who has extended into the realms of cartoons, sketch shows and even a couple of one-hit-wonders in its time. Here are 8 of those parodies you never knew existed...
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