8 Silly TV Plot Conveniences Made Possible By Utterly Stupid Writing

Can you feel the awkward desperation? In these cases, TV audiences certainly could.

TV: the home of such glorious creations as The Inbetweeners USA, Mrs. Brown's Boys, and the great detective show Elementary. Not glorious in the sense of being brilliant, obviously, but more in the sense of a wet turd sliding slowly down a bathroom wall, leaving a sickly trail of brown regret behind it. We're not here to talk about those shows, though, despite what the title may lead you to believe. The focus of this article is those shows that are actually pretty good, maybe even great, but have one notable moment that hangs over them like a black spot, coming about after the writers trapped the plot in a corner and decided throwing dribble at the problem was the best way around it. Misery's Annie Wilkes famously said: "It doesn't have to be realistic, it just has to be fair," and yet our list certainly doesn't agree, bringing forward the cases where the writing became so utterly ridiculous many viewers felt (and still feel) cheated out of their time. It should go without saying, yet we'll say it anyway: spoilers aplenty ahead.

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