Doctor Who: 10 Beautiful Things About ‘The Time Of The Doctor’

In all great tragedy, there is great poetry.

Mark White



In all great tragedy, there is great poetry. No timeless character has ever left a stage without having the finer details of their life woven together with elegant majesty, and the last incarnation of the Doctor was always going to be a character more timeless than most.

But Matt Smith’s swansong is not a tragedy, but a triumph; it’s a lap of honour for a Doctor who turned so many onto the show, ignited so many imaginations and embodied so much. ‘The Time of the Doctor’ may divide opinion – when is opinion on a Moffat story ever unanimous? – but it is in many ways, the only way to wave goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor.

Because actually, in places, ‘The Time of the Doctor’ is a beautiful piece of television. Yes, trying to cram three hundred years of story into an hour might not have worked, but there are few other words fit to describe the intricacies of the episode, the meanings behind the images, the details and the performances from the actors involved. Here are ten of the most beautiful things about the fall of the Eleventh.