Doctor Who: 10 Biggest Facepalm Moments

10. Amy & Rory In New York City, 1937 (The Angels Take Manhattan)

Probably the most infamous Moffat plot hole was the exit of Amy and Rory, which could have been solved with just one little steering adjustment to the TARDIS. Amy and Rory jumped off the roof of Winter Quay in New York City in one of the most heartbreaking moments of the reboot's history (together... or not at all), thus cancelling out a paradox which erases the Winter Quay and thus all the Weeping Angels in New York City, including a freakish Statue of Liberty. All seems well, until they end up next to a grave with Rory's name on it; one last Angel touches Rory from behind and sends him back to 1937. Amy then allows herself to be touched by the same Angel when River tells her mother that the same Angel will send her back to the exact same instance in time as her father. They live out the rest of their lives in the past, and Amy's name is revealed on the same gravestone as they both lived to very old ages. So what's wrong with this? That's a pretty merciful ending by Steven Moffat's standards. Well... the last thing the Doctor tells them both is that he can never go back to 1937 New York or else the city would be ripped apart from the ensuing paradox. The Angel sends Rory back to around the same era, and the Doctor says that their leaving is now a fixed point in time. Who's to say the Doctor can't go back to 1938 New York? Or even a few years afterwards? They traveled over a period of ten years over the course of two and a half linear years. Amy is 21 in 2010 and 31 in 2013; would the costuming and makeup for older Amy and Rory have cost too much? And who's to say they can't go elsewhere in the country? By the 1930s railroads were the primary means of interstate transportation in the U.S., and Amy becomes a world famous author, so why couldn't the Doctor have given River a message on where to meet him rather than just to write an afterword on the last page of his book? Or why couldn't River have just brought Amy and Rory back with her vortex manipulator? The Ponds' exit was a poignant one, but the plot holes were about as massive as a time paradox in NYC.

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