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Growing up in Scotland, I used to hide behind the couch when the Daleks exterminated their way on screen and tried to knit a scarf to rival that of Tom Baker. I love the re-boot; with the recent announcement of Peter Capaldi as the new doctor – a fellow Scot – and repeats on the television, I have spent my summer re-watching DVDs of all the shows from Chris Eccleston onwards.

I have been struck by how the same episodes always get to me, and I have found the ones when Russell T. Davies was in charge left me with questions, whereas from the Steven Moffat timey-wimey/over-arcing shows, I gained knowledge. These are my top 10 question shows, which are in chronological order since I have too many favorites that I rank equally, with some honorable mentions thrown in because I couldn’t leave them out! Honestly, it was almost a Top 20.

10. Father’s Day

Doctor Who Fathers Day

Haunted by a father who died when she was young, Rose seizes the chance to go back in time and meet him, but cannot resist the chance to save his life, which creates a wound in time, causing these flying raptor creatures to devour everyone in sight. After the Doctor is taken, Pete, her dad, sacrifices himself to reset time, this saves humanity. Rose holds his hand as he dies. I always cry. Every time!

There are some funny bits with the Doctor and Jackie but the core is losing someone before you’re ready to let go. This episode foreshadows the Doomsday episode, which always kills me at the end.

The Questions: Who did you lose too soon? What would you say to them if you could have one more conversation?

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This article was first posted on September 5, 2013