Doctor Who: 10 Memorable Episodes (And The Questions They Leave Behind)

9. School Reunionanthony stewart head The Doctor and Rose, with Mickey tagging along, work to save the planet from alien attack - this time in a present-day school where the minds, souls and imaginations of children are being used to crack some complicated code. Along the way, the Doctor meets old friends, Sarah Jane Smith and K9, the tin dog - two of my favorite characters ever. For me, this story is about relationships - the jealousy of meeting a loved one's ex, questioning where a relationship is going, of being the one left behind, finding you can forgive and let go. By the end, we understand the Doctor leaves people because he must; that is the price of his sanity - as he said, paraphrasing, 'you can spend your life with me, but I can't spend mine with you - that is the curse of the Time Lord.' The episode is funny and touching; the day is saved by the outsiders - Mickey, K9 and Kenny. Goodbyes are said, hearts are bruised. This episode also foreshadows Doomsday and reinforces the fact that we only have so much time with the ones we love before they are lost to us. The Questions: Which old friend dropped out of your life that you still miss and know you would pick up where you left off? Do you have any way to reach them? I dare you to try!

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