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I was sad to see Amy and Rory go early in series 7/33. They had such great chemistry with each other and the Doctor and they had matured a lot since the early days of series 5/31. But that's the great thing about Doctor Who. It's always able to reinvent itself with small changes (new companions) and bigger lead character replacements (we're close now to saying goodbye to the fantastic Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and hello to Peter Capaldi's Twelfth). But Clara was very welcome and proved to be an exciting addition to the Doctor Who era. It's thanks to a very engaging performance by Jenna (no longer-Louise) Coleman and brilliant chemistry with Matt Smith's Doctor that she became one of the very best things about the last series. I don't think every writer managed to capture her as good as Steven Moffat had, but then she was his creation and with no previous episodes to go on, it was always going to be tough for a writer to work with a new, unseen character when crafting his story. That being said, Jenna always seemed to rise to the occasion and when Moffat wrote for her, she was a wonderful breath of fresh air. For a character that only came on to our screens just over a year ago (in a surprise appearance in Amy and Rory's 'Asylum Of The Daleks'), she's been through a lot already. She's died twice. Learned the Doctor's secrets and then...helped all eleven incarnations to save the universe time and time again. We even have Clara to thank for bringing the Doctor and his beloved Tardis together! It is a shame that we've got just two more episodes with Clara and the Eleventh, with their amazing on screen-energy. But I'm also excited to see how she fares with the Twelfth. It's sure to be an interesting dynamic and one I can't wait to watch unfold. Now that she knows everything about the Doctor, where do they go next? Not Rose. Not River. Not even Romana or Susan understood the Doctor as much as a post 'The Name Of The Doctor' Clara must surely do now. So as we look to the start of the next 50 years of Doctor Who, I'm going to take a look at the new possibilities for this new companion. Her initial mystery is solved. Now she can become something more. And before you teenage fan boys or girls get disappointed, a love affair with the Doctor will not be on this list. It's not warranted. The Doctor has already had Rose and River in the space of a few years. Clara doesn't need to go down that route. Here instead are 10 new things Moffat and his band of merry writers can take Clara Oswald...
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