Doctor Who: 7 Showrunners Who Should Take Over After Steven Moffat

If there’s one thing certain about any TV show, that certainty is change. Whether we like it or not, a…

J.D. Westfall


If there’s one thing certain about any TV show, that certainty is change. Whether we like it or not, a few years down the line whatever we once liked about a show will change in some way – for the better, or for worse.

For many shows, change can be a killer. But Doctor Who thrives on change. Every few years we see new companions, new Doctor, new variation of the theme music, new TARDIS interior… and of course, new showrunner.

In just 7 years we’ve already had two different showrunners. Now while Steven Moffat hasn’t announced any plans to leave quite yet, a little speculation couldn’t hurt! Here’s seven people we’d love to see take over Doctor Who…


7. Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon is of course best known as a comedy writer, most notably for being the showrunner for NBC’s brilliant sitcom Community. While the showrunner for an American sitcom may seem an odd choice for being Doctor Who’s lead writer, allow me to explain….

What sets Community apart from most sitcoms is its insane ability to tackle any bizarre circumstances and make it totally believable. It has featured in its 4 seasons so far: an 8-bit animated episode, a story of zombies attacking the school, an evil parallel universe attempting to make ours just as evil, a student becoming the messiah for air conditioner repairmen, a muppet episode, claymation episode, and Japanese anime.

So while this total insanity may not fit with the current style we’re seeing in Doctor Who, remember that the show thrives on change. In the late 1970’s during Tom Baker’s tenure, a similar change in feel occurred with much more focus on strange stories and humor, and it aided in Doctor Who getting the largest audience it had ever received at that point.

Plus, Dan Harmon also created Community’s wonderful Doctor Who parody, Inspector Spacetime.